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The MORTEXVAR database

The MORTEXVAR database (beta version) collects data of the ancient Egyptian Coffin Texts to digitise them, analyse them and make them accessible. The data have been extracted from two sources: the reference edition of these texts by Adriaan de Buck (1935-1961) and the Index of spells by Leonard Lesko (1979).

The current MORTEXVAR database (beta version) gives you free access to:

  • The texts transliteration and (partial) French translation

  • All the 1,185 Coffin Text spells in their “main” version, which usually is the first from the left in the edition by the Buck. The versions from the rest of witnesses will be added in the future.

  • The witnesses (text instances) with their provenance and chronology.

  • The spells' position in the coffins.

The future MORTEXVAR database will include:

  • Complete transliteration and translation of all witnesses of the Coffin Texts edited by De Buck.

  • Annotation (lexical and grammatical)

  • Linking to the (image capture / encoding) OCR-PT-CT project at UAH.

  • Linking to the hieroglyphic edition by De Buck.

Citing the MORTEXVAR database

The MORTEXVAR database collects a substantial part of the results from Carlos Gracia Zamacona’s work on the Coffin Texts since 1999. The making of the database has been made possible by public funding from the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1999-2000), the Spanish Ministry of Education (2000-2001) and the Region of Madrid Government through its Atracción de Talento Programme (2019-2023), and Anthonny Contrera's expertise in databases.

We are happy to make all data freely accessible to the research community. We ask you to cite the MORTEXVAR database in your publications, websites, social media, etc. Doing so will help us find more funding to improve the database in the future.


Gracia Zamacona, Carlos & Anthonny Contreras. 2022-. The MORTEXVAR database (

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