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Texts in 3D

Texts in 3D (T3D) is a project financed by the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha, which runs at the University of Alcalá (2024-2025).


T3D will produce a 3D digital, internet-available collection of documents with mortuary texts from Middle Kingdom Egypt (c 2000-1500 BC). The sources will be prepared and curated towards text mining, network analysis and computational calculations. The results will be displayed on a friendly-user online, universal-access platform. The main outcome of the project will have a radical impact in the scope, reach and method of the interested fields of material culture, religion studies, digital philology, empirical linguistics, as well as providing the regional field Egyptology with analytical tools expected to deeply innovate approaches in this particular discipline.


1. All preliminary information available on the sources will be gathered and integrated with the MORTEXVAR database.

2. Sources will be collated against previous publications, mainly The Egyptian Coffin Texts I-VII (1935-1961) by Adriaan De Buck, The Egyptian Coffin Texts VIII (2006) by Jim Allen, and Index of the spells on Egyptian Middle Kingdom coffins and related documents (1979) by Leonard Lesko.

3. New photographic material will be collected to that end. This material will proceed from the institutions collaborating with the T3D project.

4. The database will be completed with all the new information and prepared for its exploitation: image treatment and 3D models; text mining; network and computational analyses; philological, linguistic, graphemic, religious, historical and archaeological interpretations.

5. Universal availability of the database will be granted.


One Egyptologist and one photographer will be in charge of collecting and organising the data to be linked with the MORTEXVAR database, under the PI's coordination and the collaborators' feedback.

PI: Carlos Gracia Zamacona

Egyptologist: TBA soon

Photographer: TBA soon


David Fuentes Jiménez, Universidad de Alcalá: Engineer (computer vision).

Álvaro Hernández Alonso, Universidad de Alcalá: Engineer (electronic design).

Antonio J. Morales, Universidad de Alcalá: Egyptologist (Pyramid Texts).

Sira Palazuelos Cagigas, Universidad de Alcalá: Engineer (natural language processing).

Daniel Pizarro Pérez, Universidad de Alcalá: Engineer (computer vision).

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